Health and Safety is an important process in any business, regardless of size, to guarantee, and commit to, the well-being and protection of its employees, contractors, suppliers and customers.



I am going to keep this brief but it is more to let you know I am here if I can help at all. 

I have written a couple of documents you might like to use ie a Risk Assessment and a Policy relating to the COVID 19 Pandemic. Other than that I would recommend that you listen to Government advice and keep yourself and your employees safe.Covid 19 RA or the Covid 19 Assessment 

Mental Health Awareness

What are you doing to ensure your employees are OK? This is hitting us all very differently? Do you or the others know what signs to look for in your employees. I want to do some courses – at cost, via Zoom on Mental Health Awareness. If this is something of interest then please let me know. Here is a link to a copy of the book you will receive to reaffirm your learning and there will be many other bits of information you will receive. 

Details to follow



However, it is a legal requirement that any business with five or more employees has a formal health and safety document in place to set out its health and safety policy. The document records the measures that are in place for managing your health and safety processes, stating what actions you will take, who will be responsible for implementing the parts of the policy and how you will direct, report on and deal with any issues.

With health and safety legislation constantly changing, the advice and support of a health and safety consultant can ensure that your business remains legal and that the correct training is applied and kept up-to-date.

Saracen Solutions (UK) Ltd works to support businesses, across Shropshire, Staffordshire and the Midlands, on all aspects of health and safety law and health and safety training, including fire safety, first aid and food safety.

Offering a bespoke service, that meets the needs of the law, we can complete your paperwork and ensure that you understand it – jargon free!!!

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