Safeguarding – Your Role

Nowadays in the news there are constant reminders that we are not all safe, even around those that we are most comfortable with. What some might take for granted others might have to fight for and this could include what I feel are the basics in life, i.e. a safe environment, people to love and […]

Licensing and What You Can Do

Licensing and What You Can Do What are we doing with the Licensing Laws in the UK? They are there to ensure that we are keeping to the Licensing Objectives. But what are they and what do we need to do? The Licensing Objectives are Prevention of crime and disorder Public safety Prevention of public […]

Event Organisation – Where Do I Start?

  So, you have decided you want to raise some money or just to showcase how brilliant you are at something, so where do you start and what legal obligations do you have? Not much to think about, there aren’t many dangers or hazards to think about? NO – the list is almost endless but […]

Starting a Food Business

How many times have you thought, I can do that! You might be handy in the kitchen and turn out delicious cupcakes, decorate the most beautiful cakes or produce any aspect of food for someone else. So where do you start other than the kitchen!? Some top tips of what you need to do and […]

Slips, Trips and Falls – Who’s Responsible

  Slips, trips and falls accounted for nearly 29% of all reported accidents in 2017. They are a complicated. While some folks still think they can put out a wet floor sign and call it a day, most EHS pros are beginning to realize that it takes a multi-faceted approach to eliminate slips, trips and […]

Be a good sport – be a first-aider!

Kurt Zouma recently added his name to the growing list of footballers to have suffered gruesome, wince-inducing knee injuries. The Chelsea defender landed awkwardly after contesting a high ball and had to be stretchered off during the blues’ match against Manchester United. While it’s high-profile injuries such as these that grab the headlines, the unfortunate […]

Health and safety: Another fine mess for small businesses?

Health and safety has long had a bit of an image problem amongst small business owners. Speak to a room full of owner-managers and the majority will admit to seeing the rules on workplace safety as, well, a bit of a pain in the neck. The consensus seems to be that health and safety laws […]

Out in the cold: A winter warning to employers!

Winter is well and truly upon us, and the colder weather brings with it a whole raft of additional health and safety considerations for employers. Will your staff be able to make it to work in the event of snow, ice, high winds or other extreme weather? Will they be warm enough once they arrive? […]

A new era in paediatric first-aid?

All new nursery workers could soon be made to undergo paediatric first-aid training, in an effort to reassure parents that their children are safe. The government has launched a consultation outlining plans to make it compulsory for all newly qualified Level 2 and Level 3 early-years staff to hold either a full Paediatric First Aid […]

Students: Want a job that’ll enable you to top up your income?

Okay – you’re a young student and you’re wondering what to do between A-Levels and THE NEXT BIG STEP. Yes, you could update your Facebook status for the umpteenth time, or experiment with new pizza toppings, or bury yourself in your games console and burn up a few exercise-free weeks playing Shadow of The Beast, […]

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