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Students: Want a job that’ll enable you to top up your income?

Okay – you’re a young student and you’re wondering what to do between A-Levels and THE NEXT BIG STEP.

Yes, you could update your Facebook status for the umpteenth time, or experiment with new pizza toppings, or bury yourself in your games console and burn up a few exercise-free weeks playing Shadow of The Beast, Uncharted 4 or Gravity Rush 2!

On the other hand, you could actually do something useful – and something that will put you ahead of the pack!

Why not spend that valuable time that follows the end of your A-Levels doing a short course in something that might very well help you land a job – a job that’ll enable you to top up your income while studying or when you come home on leave from studying.

You could get yourself a qualification that would help you get easy work during a gap year or while at university or college.

Not only that, but that qualification will look a heck of a lot better on your CV than: “I spent several weeks playing on my PlayStation”!

You will immediately impress a prospective employer – showing them that you made the effort; you did something useful. It will show that you can be trusted to get on and do stuff. It will show people that you can dedicate yourself to a task and see it through.

So listen up!

You’re going to need a little bit of self-motivation – but it’ll be well worth the effort.

We off brilliant short courses in Food Safety, First Aid, Health and Safety and the Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH) and any one of these qualifications would look great on your CV, and would also provide a boost to your confidence.

If you’re the kind of person who fancies getting a job in a pub, nightclub, hotel, café or restaurant, the Food Safety short course would be a pretty cool one to have tucked away in your back pocket. It could make all the difference between you and the competition.

It almost goes without saying, but food safety and high standards of food hygiene are critical if you’re in the business of preparing, storing, distributing, processing or serving food.

In fact, the law requires all food handlers to be trained in accordance with their job role and Environmental Health Officers will carry out inspections to make sure that you are following food safety law.

Just imagine how impressed a prospective employer would be if you could hand over a Food Safety qualification!

By the same token, equally impressive are qualifications in First Aid or Health and Safety – or of course the APLH (a necessary requirement for anyone approved to sell alcohol from licensed premises – pubs, shops, hotels, restaurants, clubs and so on).

So while many of your contemporaries will be spending their time chatting about pop stars, eating pizza, and playing games, you could be enhancing your prospects by picking up a respected qualification.

Oh, don’t worry – you’ll still have plenty of time for all those fun things as well!

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