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Shropshire mumpreneur challenges the “under-representation of women in health and safety decision making”

Local mumpreneur Tori Davies from Market Drayton, Shropshire, took the plunge in 2006 and decided to go it alone, setting up her own business – Saracen Solutions – within the male dominated health & safety industry.

The government Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has stated that “women are under-represented in the health and safety decision making process”* but knowing this only spurred Tori on to become a recognised and respected industry expert.

Tori commented: “When you work in a male dominated industry it is important to have confidence in your own ability. It can be a good thing to be different, so embrace the fact that being a woman in a male dominated industry can set you apart. There are fundamental differences between men and women that mean you are bound to have a different approach to providing solutions – which can be a huge positive.”

Last year saw a record high for business start-ups as over 500,000 new businesses were established in 2013 and today start-ups and micro businesses currently make up 95% of all businesses** (

With 60% of these 500,000 new businesses** started at home, it is thought that many of these have been down to mumpreneurs deciding to reap the benefits of working for themselves.

However, although the flexible working hours are attractive when thinking about becoming your own boss and the experience for Tori has not been without its challenges:

“I have found myself juggling everything from a 6 month old baby, through to finding leads and delivering courses. At first I didn’t know anything about marketing or doing my accounts so it certainly has been a steep learning curve and my biggest challenge is still wearing all these different hats!

“Despite all the challenges, I would advise anyone considering setting up their own business to not let the idea of being challenged deter you – especially if that challenge is entering a male dominated industry.

“My key piece of advice would be to make sure it is something you love doing because that is what keeps you motivated through the times that will test you.”

Saracen Solutions offers assistance and advice on your business requirements in Health & Safety, Fire Safety, First Aid and Food Safety.­

Find out more about the health and safety regulations and the courses available to ensure your business is keeping up with the changing regulations.

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