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Safeguarding – Your Role

It is just over a year since the government announced that first aid training for nursery staff would be made compulsory.

Nowadays in the news there are constant reminders that we are not all safe, even around those that we are most comfortable with. What some might take for granted others might have to fight for and this could include what I feel are the basics in life, i.e. a safe environment, people to love and care for me, a home and heating.

Throughout all our roles we are working together to safeguard children and vulnerable adults. This will even apply to me who, I don’t see my role in life as more than a mother, sister, daughter and my occupation is in Health & Safety, Food Safety and First Aid, but wait, I am also a friend and a leader of a local Cub Pack.

I feel it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that everyone can live life at ease and happily. What does this mean? We need to look after our families and if necessary those of others.

There are a lot of ‘agencies’ out there that are helping us, the general public, and we can contact if we have concerns. Are you a member of one of those agencies and are waiting for the general public to contact you with your concerns?

We are not looking to single out people and put more people into care, we are looking to help those that for any reason can not help themselves. We need to work together and not discriminate.

Why am I writing this? Is that what you are thinking? Well I have asked myself this many times and come to the conclusion that we all have that caring aspect amongst us and we want to help. So, what can we do without appearing to be interfering?

  • Be inquisitive, you don’t have to be nosey.
  • Be proactive, report if you see something that you are not comfortable with
  • Don’t be scared
  • Find out more
  • Speak to the individual – have you got the right end of the stick, if it is a child or vulnerable adult are they interpreting things correctly? There can be many different stories

How to report

Contact your local social services and you can report your concerns. Tell a local ‘agency’, i.e. a teacher, doctor or social worker (a professional trained in Safeguarding).

I hope this helps and if you want to know more of how you can help, get in touch.



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