Use of Personal Information Policy

Saracen Solutions (UK) Ltd take very seriously the aspect of the collection, storage and use of personal data taken from customers regarding themselves and their business.

Saracen Solutions will only collect the necessary information in order to be compliant with the governing bodies of the examinations or courses that the individual is taking. No information is sold on to third parties. Information that is collected includes: name, trading name, address, telephone number, email address and date of birth.

How and when is the information used:

  • To register the individual for the relevant course
  • To be able to contact them for legitimate interest
  • To be able to identify the individual for course reasons
  • To send out personalised greetings
  • To be able to send out personalised and relevant information. All marketing can be unsubscribed at all times.

How long is information kept for:

  • Exam papers, electronic copies, are kept for the 3 years in which they are relevant or for 5 years if there is no recommended renewal status for the course
  • Individuals information will be kept for 5 years from the taking of their course
  • Policies and procedures are kept for 10 years from production.

Saracen Solutions (UK) Ltd keep all information according to GDPR guidelines and are protected at all times.