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Mini Medics

First Aid for Minis


So why bother to teach your kids about First Aid? How many stories have you heard about the super child that saved their parents or carers life by calling the Emergency Services or gave them Basic Life Support or even just sat with them whilst help was on the way.


I am a Scout, well Cub, leader here in Shrewsbury. I also get very involved within my son’s schools and as this says I have 2 sons. My family is very accident prone, I have broken my wrists 5 times in total. It helps me to know that if anything was to happen to me or Granny, who we live with, then my sons, now 10 and 12, will know what to do. They do have the added advantage that they have grown up around the Resuci Annie Dolls and have always been allowed to play with surplus bandages. I have always explained certain conditions to them, so that they understand why someone might be struggling to breathe when they are playing sport or why it is important to stop the bleeding or something as simple as to why they need to drink plenty of water on a hot day.


I don’t think I have ever scared them too much and due to this I have taken these skills over to the Cubs and taught them about First Aid as well, they also get a badge for doing this!!


I do think it is the start of a life skill and it does frighten me a bit to see so many of m friends and relatives not comfortable with some very common conditions, all because they do not know about the conditions.


I have found that this knowledge has given my sons the confidence to help their friends in an emergency.

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