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NUCO 3 Day First Aid at Work

Who needs this qualification?

Anyone involved in a workplace, whether employer or employee, office staff or member of the public who wish to obtain a qualification in First Aid. Anyone who has not attended a First Aid course provided by a recognised organisation during the last three years.  Anyone wishing to become a First Aid trainer, who has relevant training experience and qualifications.

Why is this training important?

First Aid is the first line of defence in promoting recovery, preserving life and preventing the condition from getting worse. First Aid at Work is a comprehensive course to enable the employee to achieve these objectives.

Learning Outcomes

·  Assess emergency situations and carry out appropriate action including informing emergency services
·  Carry out artificial ventilation and chest compressions
·  Place a casualty into the recovery position and know when to use this position
·  Clear obstructed airways
·  Control severe bleeding
·  Recognise and treat shock
·  Understand the requirements of a First Aid kit and how to report accidents in the workplace
·  Recognise and treat major illnesses
·  Deal with burns and scalds, chemical contamination and poisonous gases and fumes
·  Recognise and treat fractures
·  Know when and how to move casualties safely
·  Recognise and treat other miscellaneous conditions
·  Carry out the duties of a First Aider in a safe and approved manner, with no risk to self or third party

Duration – 24 hours, usually over 3 consecutive days

Accreditation -NUCO FAA Training

Assessment – Multiple choice testing and physical demonstration of ability to carry out CPR

Prerequisite – None

Suggested progression – Requalification within 3 years

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