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NUCO 2 Day Paediatric First Aid

Who needs this qualification?

Anyone involved in a workplace where there are children. Anyone who has not attended a First aid Course provided by a recognised organisation during the last 3 years. This is an Ofsted recognised course and qualification.

Why is this training important?

First Aid is the first line of defence in promoting recovery, preserving life and preventing the condition from getting worse. Paediatric first aid is a practical step for child related businesses to ensure that employees know what to do in an emergency. The paediatric first aid course is also a practical course for every day life.

Learning Outcomes

·  Assess emergency situations and carry out appropriate action including informing emergency services
·  Carry out artificial ventilation and chest compressions on infants, children & adults
·  Clear obstructed airways in infants, children & adults
·  Control severe bleeding
·  Recognise a range of childhood illnesses and deal with appropriately
·  Understand the requirements of a First Aid kit
·  Deal with burns and scalds
·  Be able to report incidents & accidents in accordance with the PSLA/NCMA guidelines
·  Understand the principles of good practice in the administration of medicine to children

Duration – 12 hours, usually over 2 consecutive days

Accreditation – NUCO FAA Training

Assessment – Physical demonstration of ability to carry out CPR and Open Book Paper

Prerequisite – None

Suggested progression – Re-qualification within 3 years

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