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Finishing School?

Moving on after school – what to do after A’Levels.


So your child reaches the end of their time at school where you have had peace of mind knowing where they are all day, (well maybe!) and now they are being let loose into the big wide world.


So what can we do to help them but not be in their face? Make sure they have the skills to survive and thrive and have fun. I think we’ve all done it and now it is their turn. They have to face the world at some stage but can they do it a bit easier? Can we give them the tools to help them get there a bit easier?


So what tools do they need?


  • Common Sense (?)
  • Money
  • Time
  • Skills
  • Support


Common sense, we almost can’t do anything about that, but hope and pray that they have some. I know my 12 year old hasn’t got very much at the moment, but I am ever hopeful that he might get some over the coming years.


Money, well they never have enough of that.


Time, well they seem to have endless amounts of that, or in our eyes they do. Whether it is just the summer before going to work or to university or are they going to have the whole year out to ‘Find Themselves’. Well, I did it, had lots of fun and I think learnt a lot?


Skills, what skills do they need? I was lucky, I’d lived abroad and seena fair bit before I reached this stage in my life. We can help them with some basic skills in life. Can they do basic first aid, do they know how to ensure they don’t poison themselves or others with the food they are eating or cooking, could they work behind a bar? Do they know how to look after themselves in a new environment? Is safety on their minds at all? Social Media savvy?


Support, we will always be there to support them through whatever they decide to do, well up to a certain extent! Can any of you say, I will just let them get on with it? I know I couldn’t.


So how can you help, but still keep your distance? Give them the skills they need, give them the support they need and pass on your knowledge and experience.


In September I will be holding a week of courses for people in this situation. I want them to enjoy the summer holidays after all the hard work they put into their exams. Once they have got their results they will then be able to plan the years ahead.


So we are planning a week of fun and ‘learning’, don’t tell them that as they wouldn’t want to do it.


What will the week include?

  • 1 Day Licence Holders course – to be able to sell alcohol and run a bar
  • 1 Day Food Safety – to be able to ensure they don’t poison themselves or their friends
  • 1 Day First Aid – well we know that accidents happen
  • 1 Day General Safety – to include cyber safety, general health and safety, personal safety abroad
  • Extras for the final day – half a day of safeguarding, half a day money management, half a day business start up


More details will be available soon on the website. To be the first to know about this, drop me a line and I will get the information to you.



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