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Event Organisation – Where Do I Start?

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So, you have decided you want to raise some money or just to showcase how brilliant you are at something, so where do you start and what legal obligations do you have? Not much to think about, there aren’t many dangers or hazards to think about? NO – the list is almost endless but keep it sensible. However, you are probably working with idiots coming to the event, especially if alcohol is involved.


So where do you actually start?

  • Get the idea and make your objectives nice and clear.
    • Are you going to do this to make money for you or a charity?
    • Is it just for fun?
    • Who is it for? What are their ages?
    • When are you going to have it?
    • Is it inside or outside?
    • How many do you want to get to the event?


So, you’ve got the idea and the basic plan.

Have you got enough time? If you have too much time you might lose momentum with the plans and if you haven’t got enough time, then you might not be able to get everything done.


Plan the work and DELEGATE

Stress is one of the biggest reasons people are off work. Delegation should ensure that everybody gets their fair share of the work and that everything actually gets done.


You might want to get others involved that have already run similar events.


Make sure you have regular contact with the other members of the group to keep up to date with what is going on.


Make sure you have a budget and that everyone knows what it is and where it is going.


Now the boring stuff but could be the essential stuff that could save you thousands and ensure you will not be a one-time event.


Health & Safety

You have to make sure you are thinking ahead and trying to avoid accidents as far as possible. Almost guaranteed an accident will happen but let’s keep it to a minor one.


Make sure risk assessments are carried out, if you have other companies trading or exhibiting at the event, ensure you have their risk assessments, copies of their insurance and any other documentation they might need i.e. method statements or fire risk assessments or licences for selling of certain products. You might need specific training and evidence of this is necessary. Most exhibitors that do it regularly will have these documents to hand.


First Aid

You will need to be aware of your first aid requirements, do you need to get a first aid organisation to attend or can you use your own volunteers? Essentially it is up to your judgement and your risk assessment that will determine the level that your event will require. Decide who has the responsibility, you could ask a first aid organisation to attend or use your own volunteers.



How are people going to get to the event and what provision will need to be made for this? Parking, transport from the local train station? Signage around the local area, a map on the website?



Do you need to make provision for disabled access? Is the venue already accessible for wheelchair users, would you need to provide a British Sign Language interpreter? You will need to ensure the available information is accessible on the website.



Do you need or want to photograph or film the event? If you do, then you need to ensure signage is up to say this is the case. You may need to look in to photo consent.



It is not a case of do you think you need insurance, it is more of a case of how much insurance do you need? If the event is being held outside, please remember the glorious (?) weather we have here in the UK.



Find out about the regulations for the venue as early as possible and start the application for licences as early as possible as they can take a while to come through. Some licences you may need to consider:

  • Temporary event notice
  • Street collection notice
  • Road closure permits
  • Permission to use public land


Are you having a Raffle? Bingo? Race Night? Music? Live Band? Alcohol? Films? Casino Nights?


Well except for organising the event myself, I could help you out with parts and advice on this. Get in touch.


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