Make your fundraising more profitable!

Organising an event and trying to raise as much money as possible for a chosen charity, or good cause, can be hard going at the best of times, but by adding the opportunity to offer a glass of wine or beer to the proceedings could make your fundraising event more appealing and, more importantly, even […]

Slips, Trips and Falls – Who’s Responsible

  Slips, trips and falls accounted for nearly 29% of all reported accidents in 2017. They are a complicated. While some folks still think they can put out a wet floor sign and call it a day, most EHS pros are beginning to realize that it takes a multi-faceted approach to eliminate slips, trips and […]

Health and safety: Another fine mess for small businesses?

Health and safety has long had a bit of an image problem amongst small business owners. Speak to a room full of owner-managers and the majority will admit to seeing the rules on workplace safety as, well, a bit of a pain in the neck. The consensus seems to be that health and safety laws […]

Stayin’ Alive: Who is your firm’s first-aid hero?

Public awareness of emergency first-aid techniques has arguably never been better, thanks in part to clever marketing campaigns that have captured the nation’s attention. Back in 2011, the British Heart Foundation teamed up with Vinnie Jones to teach us that hands-only CPR to the beat of Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees can help save […]

Decoding the Care Certificate: 4 things every provider should know!

It is now several months since the launch of the Care Certificate, the new national induction framework that sets out standards to which all health and social care workers must adhere in their daily working life. Introduced on 1st April 2015, the certificate’s origins can be traced back to the Mid Staffs scandal and subsequent […]

Having a domestic? How CDM has changed small building jobs forever!

Just when the construction industry thought red tape around health and safety couldn’t possibly become more burdensome, along comes new legislation with the potential to cause fresh confusion, distress and anxiety! The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) came into force on 6th April 2015, replacing CDM 2007. As the name suggests, the […]

Five-star performance: How to secure the top food hygiene rating

In this era of openness and transparency, the publication of food hygiene ratings has the ability to make or break a food outlet’s reputation in an instant. Local newspapers and websites pore over the scores, ready to name and shame any restaurant, takeaway, café, sandwich shop, pub or hotel with a poor rating. The food […]

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